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Don’t let yourself forget how much you love it!

So I’ve not run much in the last three and half years. I used to run a lot – my friends thought of me as a ‘running guy’, and would ask me how my training was going, or when my … Continue reading

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Up and Running Again

I’ve not blogged for a while, and the reason for that is simply that I haven’t run much for the last two years. Since my shin splints back in spring 2011, I tore my left achilles the following year, an injury … Continue reading

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How to pick an Olympic marathon team…

Because it’s such a strenuous event and requires long preparation, marathon runners are usually the first athletes to be selected for a major competition. Other track and field competitors might have to wait until one or two months before the … Continue reading

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When people think of distance running, they think of many things – energy, adrenaline, pain is probably top of the list. I would say that the single most important thing in distance running is patience. It’s easy to think that … Continue reading

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The Magic Triangle

The Magic Triangle: Training, Nutrition and Rest These are the three core elements that must be kept in balance in order to develop in running (or any other physical ability). In simple terms, the more you run, the more you … Continue reading

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A Sub-2 hour marathon?

In September Kenyan Patrick Makau set a new marathon world record of 2:03:38 in Berlin. In April compatriot Geoffrey Mutai had run the fastest marathon ever – 2:03:02 in Boston (though not valid as a world record). Last month in Frankfurt another … Continue reading

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Are you built to be a runner?

“I’m just not built for running” this is something that I often hear from people as an excuse for why they don’t/can’t run (often after expressing a desire to run, or admiration for runners). I disagree with them almost every … Continue reading

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